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2013 Good Friday Walk from Mark Wile on Vimeo.

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Mission Statement

  • The purpose of the Good Friday Walk, Inc. is to aid financially the poor and hungry.

  • The purpose and activities of the Good Friday Walk, Inc. are to raise money for the poor.

  • We shall conduct an annual sponsored walk on or near Good Friday and receive donations, through solicitations, throughout the year.

  • In the North Shore area, we shall assist the needy in housing, utilities bills, food, clothing and other essentials of life. The needy shall be identified by welfare agencies, advocates of the poor, churches and knowledgeable persons, i.e., those of us who know the individuals and their need.

  • We shall support and encourage shelters and soup kitchens, but not as a major contributor because they are capable of raising funds on their own.

  • We shall donate to Third World Self-Help Projects and Missionaries in the Bush, who are feeding, clothing and educating the poorest of the poor.

  • We shall respond to major disasters whenever possible

  • All our donations will be given speedily, generously and with love for our poor.

  • In 2005, 90% of the money raised stayed right here on the North Shore for rent assistance, utility bills, food and heating bills. Seven percent was given to those in dire need outside our area, such as the Hurricane Katrina and Tsunami victims

  • This is a charity where you can be assured that no money is wasted. We have no salaries, office space or expense account. Everyone helping to organize the Good Friday Walk is a volunteer. Expenses are only taken out to pay for printing, paper, postage and now our website. In 2005, this only added up to 3% of the operating budget.

“Life’s most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” Martin Luther King Jr.

Good Friday Walk, Inc. Serving the North Shore Since 1979!


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